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MYO SHIFT: Partially Guided

MYO SHIFT: Targeted Myofunctional Therapy for All Ages!

This program is designed for individuals starting around the ages of six or seven and continuing into adulthood, offering a comprehensive yet streamlined approach to address specific needs.
MYO Shift is a less comprehensive program compared to TIED 2 MYO, and it is specifically designed to target and address specific dysfunctions without the need for lip or tongue tie treatment. Whether it's tongue posture, swallowing patterns, or other oral habits, our program provides a focused approach to help individuals of all ages improve their oral function and overall well-being.

What you'll get:

  • Initial Assessment
  • 10 Sessions of Active and Passive Exercises
  • 5 One-on-one Coaching Sessions; every other session
  • Videos for reference for Myofunctional Exercises
  • Audio guides for Buteyko Breathing Exercises

Don't let specific dysfunctions hold you back from achieving your best oral health. Join us for MYO Shift and embark on a journey towards improved oral function and overall well-being. Together, we can shift towards a healthier, happier smile.